Thursday, July 25, 2019

VCD 9.7 Custom Branding Logo per-tenant

With release on vCloud Director 9.7 you can set the logo and the theme for your vCloud Director Service Provider Admin Portal and also now you can customize the vCloud Director Tenant Portal of each tenants.


 Provider Portal Branding

vCloud Director 9.7 UI can be modified for the following elements:
  • Portal name
  • Portal color
  • Portal theme (vCloud Director contains two themes – default and dark.)
  • Logo & Browser icon


Customize Portal Name, Portal Color and Portal Theme

To configure the Cloud Provider Portal Branding , make a PUT request to vCloud Director end point in to tenant organisation as below: ( T1 is my org Name)

  • Headers
    • Accept: application/*;version=32
    • Content-Type: application/json
  • PUThttps://<vCD Url>/cloudapi/branding/tenant/T1
  • BODY
      "portalName": "Private Cloud",
      "portalColor": "#009AD9",
      "selectedTheme": {
        "themeType": "BUILT_IN",
        "name": "Default"
      "customLinks": [
          "name": "help",
          "menuItemType": "override",
          "url": ""


Customize Logo

To change the Logo, you need to define the Headers and PUT request.
  • Headers
    • Accept: image/*;version=32
    • Content-Type: image/png
Note: Unfortunately some references like VMTECHIE has wrong the Content-Type field, due to it add an extra ";version=32", but this is wrong, if you used it you will receive this message on the Chrome Console:

Refused to load the image ‘unsafe:data:image…’ because it violates the following Content Security Policy directive: “img-src * data: blow: ‘unsafe-inline'”.

but using the header "Content-Type" only with "image/png", it will works well each per-tenant.
  • PUT https://<vCD Url>/cloudapi/branding/logo 

  • Body – This is bit tricky since we need to upload an image as a body.
    • In Postman client inside “Body” click on “Binary” which will allow you to choose file as body and select your logo.

    For a particular tenant, you can selectively override the default logo. Any value that you do not set uses the corresponding system default value.

    By default, no org-specific branding will be shown outside of a logged in session that means it would not appear on login and logout pages. We don't show per-tenant branding outside a logged in session (it makes it possible for tenants to "discover" one another

    if you wish to allow branding outside of logged in sessions, you can use the cell management tool to execute the following command:

     /opt/vmware/vcloud-director/bin/cell-management-tool manage-config -n backend.branding.requireAuthForBranding -v false

    The result of the command is:

    Here the result on Login Page:

     Inside you could see this:



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